Take Your Website to the Next Level with An E-Book

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October 1, 2009 – A great strategy for generating quality leads directly from your website is to create and market an E-Book. An E-Book or Free Report does not have to be long (5-15 pages is fine) and can give great information on a specific practice area of your law firm. Visitors who land on your website will gladly download or order a free E-Book that promises to give insightful legal information on a topic that interests them, and if they like what they read, they’ll be contacting you about your legal services.

Another advantage of creating an E-Book is that when visitors contact you about getting their free copy, they are supplying you with their name and contact information. With this information you can contact them directly about how you can further assist them or add them to your newsletter or email list (unless or until they ask to be removed).

What Should Your E-Book Discuss?

When deciding upon the topic and scope of an E-Book it is important to think about your practice areas, expertise, and what your potential clients are looking for. Successful E-Books offer tips (how to get out of speeding tickets, what to do after a car accident, etc), and provide insight on legal processes (what to expect from an eviction lawsuit in your state, the process of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, etc). It’s important to stay focused (since the E-Book is relatively short) and provide quality, accurate content that honestly benefits your readers.

Creating an E-Book gives credibility to your website, provides helpful information to your visitors, generates leads for new clients, and increases the overall traffic of your site when marketed correctly.

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