Taking Direct Response Marketing to the Next Level

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August 2, 2010 – “Hello Ladies” is the new catchphrase heard on televisions and YouTube playlists across the nation. If you haven’t had the pleasure of learning about Old Spice body wash from the Old Spice Guy himself, what are you waiting for?


This is the direct response your Internet marketing could smell like.

This new marketing campaign by the Old Spice fragrance company began as a simple TV commercial and has since become an Internet phenomenon. The campaign has sadly ended, but not after a multi-day Twitter and YouTube campaign that caught the attention of millions.

After the viral success of the first few Old Spice Guy (OSG) commercials, producers set up shop in a sound studio/bathroom with nothing more than production equipment, a few props, and a buff Isaiah Mustafa (an actor/former wide receiver in the NFL) in a bath towel. They then proceeded to film more than 180 short, 30-50 second clips responding directly to current comments posted to Old Spice’s Reddit, Digg, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to everyday Twitter users got in on the action, asking questions to the Old Spice Guy in the hopes they’d be answered. One man even asked that OSG help him propose to his girlfriend (no word if she said yes).

You probably don’t have it in your budget to sit around for a few days and respond to Twitter posts, but there’s lessons to be learned from the OSG. The most important thing to realize from this ad campaign is that Old Spice used it to connect directly to their fans. Even if you didn’t get a personal response, you still felt like OSG was talking to people just like you.

You need to make your clients feel like your Internet marketing is speaking directly to them.
In well-developed content, your articles, FAQs and blogs should be speaking TO your clients, not AT them. Relate to their situation, talk about what you will do for them and offer what they need. This is what compels potential clients to request a consultation.

Written content and videos can only offer so much, but they’re the first critical step in showing your clients that you have both the knowledge and the interest in helping them obtain a solution to their legal needs.
Just like the Old Spice Guy addressed his fans’ need to know the benefit of Old Spice, you should address your fans’ need for the benefit of legal advice.

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