Taking Your eBook to Print: First Things to Consider and the Benefits to You

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You’ve made a downloadable eBook available for your readers – great start! But now you want to take your eBook to print. Stop!

Consider This First Before Taking Your eBook to Print

The first things you should ask yourself are pretty obvious: Will your audience benefit from the physical book? Do they even want a physical copy?

Many Americans would still rather read a physical book than eBooks according to a recent poll from Rasmussen. It found that 75 percent of American adults prefer printed books over eReaders and tablets.

So if you’re able to offer a printed version (more on that in a bit), it probably doesn’t hurt to offer it as an alternative to the digital version for those who prefer the ink and paper. This is especially true if older individuals make up a substantial portion of your client base. If you’re targeting young adults, you can still offer a printed book, but the demand may not be as great – even if they prefer the print version, it’s easier and more convenient to just download the eBook instead of waiting for the print version to come in the mail.

Once you decide that your clients will benefit from a print book, consider whether you’re able to offer it. Producing a print-ready book is much more involved than formatting an eBook. For one, you or a designer or a publisher needs to lay out the book for printing standards. Likewise, you’ll need a printing company that either accepts what you’ve produced or has a team to help you go from digital to physical.

Once you have the printed books, there’s the matter of storing, shipping, or distributing. Your state bar rules may not allow you to sell your books, but you can charge a shipping and handling fee to cover the costs of postage and storage.

The Benefits of Offering an eBook in Print

After you consider the benefits to your clients, consider the benefits to you.

For many people, it’s harder to forget about a printed, tangible book (that you requested) lying on the table than it is a file you downloaded the other day. And if you create a book that’s worthwhile and offers substantial information, your clients might share it with their friends. That said, eBooks are also easily shareable, especially among younger or more tech-adept audiences.

And a printed book can even be a nice addition to your office. If a client comes in for a consultation, you might offer a copy of the printed book so they can take it home – it might keep you on their mind after they leave your office. You can even add it to the waiting room. You probably already have a few magazines and books in your reception area – throw your own book into the mix.

You may even be able to get your book featured on the shelves of local merchants, libraries, and community centers.

Ready to take your eBook to print? We’ll get you started!

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