Targeting Your Content to a Persona, Not a User

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October 26, 2010 – Most normal SEO companies will tell you that your content needs to target what your user is looking for. It’s true, relevant content is one of the key ways to drive up traffic to your site. But there’s more to attracting clients than just having relevant content – you need to consider how the client is looking for you to get truly worthwhile SEO.

Consider your client’s behavior outside of WHAT they’re looking for and focus for a moment also on HOW they are looking for it.
 Searches using mobile devices are increasing as more and more Internet-capable smartphones are being used every day. With more on-the-fly searches performed, you really need to consider what kind of keywords your clients are using to find your business.

Many marketing experts tout the use of personas to develop a marketing strategy. A persona is everything that makes up a client, there is no “average user” with personas. You can develop a persona for your target client by making up their story. No longer should you be marketing to “40-year old empty-nesters looking to save for retirement” but now you need to paint a whole picture:


John and Jane Smith are in their late 40s and just sent their last son off to college. They own a 4-bed/3-bath single family home in Fairfax, VA with a single mortgage. John has been a general contractor in the Fairfax area for 32 years and Jane is a waitress at a local café. John has a 401k with his job and carries the health insurance for the couple.

You can go on and on, but the bottom line is that your potential clients all have unique matters in their lives that impact the way they search. In the case of the Smiths, they may not be as computer-savvy given their professions. Especially without teenagers in the house, they may not utilize the Internet as well as parents with technology-savvy kids around.

The Smiths are getting up in age where they need to start thinking about retirement, which is where you step into their shoes. Using the personas you create, think about looking for your own business services from the eyes of your client. If you’re selling life insurance, what would most convince the Smiths to buy a policy?

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