Targeting Your Marketing Methods to Attract the Right Clients

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August 5, 2010 – We live in a great world today. You can get information on-the-spot, free (in most cases), and it affords me and my staff our livelihoods. These are some of the reasons why I love today’s technology. It’s a way of life I’ve become very comfortable with and would probably have a hard time living without.

I recognized the other day while I was at the grocery store, however, that there are certain things I still prefer to have the old fashioned way like magazines. When I asked myself why this was, my answer was simple-I love the smell of a new magazine, the beauty of the pictures, and the immaculate way in which the content is laid out. Even the ads are beautiful-and relevant! The graphics are crisp and alive with color – something I’ve yet to see replicated on the Web.


Amazing fashion photos like this are why I still like my physical magazines

On my drive home Monday, I listened to an interview on public radio with a man named Mike McCuewho is the CEO of a company called Flipboard. Flipboard claims to have created an app for the iPad that “brings the beauty of print to the social content of the Web.”

Mike McCue has worked in the tech Mecca, Silicon Valley, for many years and previously worked as an engineer at Apple before branching off on his own. Prior to co-founding Flipboard, he founded a company called Tellme, which he sold to Microsoft for $800 million (wow!).

This guy obviously has the credentials and talent to create-I can’t wait to hear more about his concept.

When asked to describe the functions of the Flipboard app, Mike explained that it creates a magazine that combines beautiful and relevant ads-just as you would find in print-with the news stories, articles, and pictures your friends are sharing online through Facebook and Twitter. As expected, you can like, comment on, and share the contents of your Flipboard with others. And, like Facebook and Twitter, the contents of your Flipboard are dynamic so they change as quickly as your friends or the people you follow update what’s on their minds.

A “social magazine”, as McCue puts it. Pretty damn cool, I thought. I’m intrigued. But, can you flip the pages? Yes! Flipboard also gives you the ability to flip through the pages of your social magazine.

When I visited Flipboard’s website, I felt I had arrived on a brand new floor of a very familiar building. It is clean and modern – just like the high-fashion magazines I fell in love with in the early 90’s when the “super model” burst on the scene. As I watched the Flipboard demo, I found myself in awe of the technology that managed to recreate that sense of awe.

In true Apple spirit (though, the creator of the Flipboard no longer works for Apple), the company was hyper-aware of the user experience and made certain to include functions we didn’t know we needed, but always wanted. One of my favorite features was that instead of just showing a Twitter feed with non-descript links to things my friends are finding interesting, Flipboard grabs those links and displays them as articles that I can click on to see more. No more mystery links!


Flipboard turns your social networks into your own personalized “social magazine”

So, will this app put an end to my subscriptions to Vanity Fair or The Atlantic? Maybe not. I’d have to buy an iPad first to decide. A big part of me thinks I will always run back to print magazines simply because I hold on to the special issues I know my kids will appreciate one day.

See the app for yourself and tell us if you’re convinced.

As an attorney, you can’t always rely on client referrals to increase your business. One of the biggest questions I’ve noticed from attorneys is how they can effectively reach the clients they want without wasting time and money on ineffective advertising.

As a law firm looking to attract new clients, how you send your marketing message is often just as important as the message you’re sending.
Consider your target audience, the ideal clients you want to work with, what do they respond to best? When deciding on how to target your marketing methods you should be asking:

  • Where do my clients look for information?
  • How do my clients make decisions on new goods/services?
  • What influences my clients the most?

If your clients are Internet-savvy you will want to focus on e-newsletters, social media profiles, and your website content. However, if you find many of your clients still subscribe to a daily print newspaper and have a copy of The Yellow Pages in their homes, you can feel confident sticking to traditional printed advertising.

No matter what marketing methods you choose – print or digital – you also need to make sure that you’re sending the right message with your content.

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