Testimonials Boost Internet Marketing – Here’s Why

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Internet marketing is more than just SEO web content, social media syndication, newsletter campaigns, and eBooks. Some of the content on your website should be raw and unpolished – namely client testimonials.

Successful businesses have happy clients and you’d be amazed at what some of your satisfied customers have to say about your business! Of course, you won’t know exactly WHAT they have to say unless you ask them to give you testimonials.

A company can generate all the web content it wants about their familiarity with the field, but it’s real opinions from actual clients that often carry the most weight in Internet marketing. When potential clients are looking for a new product or service, they’re turning more to Internet reviews and former client testimonials to help them make the purchase decision.

According to the social commerce software company BazaarVoice, the majority of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 trust online testimonials and reviews over those from friends and family. A study conducted by EXPO found that consumer reviews are 12 times more likely to be trusted over the actual website’s product or service descriptions, BazaarVoice points out.

One theory of why testimonials work for Internet marketing is that consumers want to see that people in similar situations are getting the results they want from your business. We Do Web Content also notes that every time you add a new testimonial to your website, it sends a signal to the search engines that you have fresh content – a great way to boost your search engine rankings!

The top-ranking websites on Google contain timely content that’s kept fresh and relevant. We Do Web Content can help keep your website’s content fresh to help with your Internet marketing goals.

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