The #1 Way to Command Google’s Attention

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April 14, 2010 – While Google may have millions of lines of code dictating the operation of its search engines, it all boils down to one simple truth:

Google ranks pages based on relevant, recently updated content.

It’s true. No amount of keywords is going to rank you higher than a good dose of fresh, unique content that lets the Google ‘bots know your site is updated regularly and relevant to your search terms.

You can’t fool Google anymore, either. Back in the earlier search engine days, web developers found that all you had to do was list EVERY keyword you could think of in the unseen head area of a webpage and it’d show up on search results for those terms. Searches are more sophisticated now, and they not only look at those keywords, but make sure they’re relevant to the content displayed on the actual page. Now if you say a keyword to your site is “personal injury attorney” the more you mention it in your content, the more relevant Google decides your page is to people searching for that term.

The best way to keep your website high-ranked on the Google search index is with constantly updated, relevant content that’s optimized for search engine pickup.
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