The 5 Steps of the Social Media Content Cycle

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November 2, 2010 – Social media marketing isn’t a magic button for your business to attract new clients. Like any other marketing method it takes good development, execution and management to produce an effective cycle.

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Reach out into that social media space and make some connections!

The first step to inventing your social media wheel is content. As we always say, content is king in the world of Internet marketing and social media is no different. Without quality content to post on your profiles, there’s no reason prospective customers would be coming to your page!

Good social media content has a hook to capture their attention, substance to give them what they’re looking for, and then a call to action to get them to contact you for more. Your own website is a great place to host your content from, as not only will it be safe from ad banners and other distractions, but it also leads them right to your door!

The second step is distribution of your content.
 No one is going to read your great articles and blogs if they don’t know where to find them! This is an area where a fine line must be walked – there’s a close threshold between a healthy posting amount and overloading your fans and followers with “post spam” on their own social media profile.

Generally, save your Facebook updates and tweets to 1-2 per day, and space them out a few hours so you don’t seem like you’re abusing the system. Companies that post constantly run the risk of being hidden or removed from a potential customer’s newsfeed, which could be a lost opportunity for your business.

The third step is to create some buzz around your social media profile.
 Give your potential customers a reason to add you to their “likes” or network. Many companies accomplish this with membership drives and contests, or free offers to new fans. Don’t forget to include a way to connect to your social networks on all your websites and e-mails.

Also, a super important part of interacting with your social media profile is that you respond promptly and courteously to any comments and feedback your fans/followers post. Companies that interact with their social media on a personal level, especially when they address consumer queries directly, have a better overall reputation with customer service than those who just use their social media as a marketing farm.

The fourth step is linking
 and a study of search engine rankings will show that the search engines love to see well-linked-to pages. The more links you have from other sites leading to your content and social media profiles, the more chances there are that Google and Bing will see your site as relevant and popular. Even links from your other sites and profiles serve to help this purpose. LINK EVERYWHERE!

The final step is SEO magic. You need to make sure that your content is prepped to do your SEO work, and perpetuate the positive boost your linking is doing for your rankings. Don’t forget that without good search engine rankings, your potential customers will have a much harder time finding you!

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