The Basics of SEO Content

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September 8, 2009 – I was reading an article in Mediapost this morning that went into the sad state of affairs huge numbers of websites are currently facing — they can’t write basic content.

Writing is indeed an art form. It takes years of practice to be able to write content that balances information with interest, the type of content that mixes personality and style with information that is easily understandable, relevant, grammatically correct, and linkable.

The content that exists on your website should be search engine optimized to compete with other organic search engine results, but even in its most basic form, content needs to exist on your website and it must reflect the following:

  • The content must be relevant to your website, meaning the blogs, articles, FAQs, etc. focus on elements of your business and industry
  • Content must be grammatically correct, free of typos and misspelled words, and if intended for American readers, written in proper English with the correct use of idioms and common phrases (a VERY common mistake in content that is outsourced to India or the Philippines)
  • The content needs to clearly communicate complete ideas, but not overdo it. Topics on niche subjects may require more than just a few short sentences while other topics should be split up into several pieces of content (and edited!) if they are several thousand words
  • Your website’s content is a clear reflection of how people view your company. If your content is uninformative, boring, full of typos, written by someone without a clear grasp of the English language (once again, for American audiences), too short or way too long, no one will take your website seriously, buy your products or link to your pages.

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