The Three Best Venues for Social Media Content Syndication

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Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr…with these and half a dozen more major social sharing sites on the web, how do you pick a service to distribute your content? Sure, you could just cover all your bases and post an update to each one, but who has time to create 12+ unique posts? Then, consider that each venue has different posting attributes, and you’re probably left scratching your head over where you should and shouldn’t be sharing your content.

To help make some sense of this crazy social media world we live in, we’ve broken down the top social sharing networks to determine what type of content is most appropriate for the service.

The Big Three Social NetworksThe Big Three – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

These three social media sites are the biggest in the business and the ones that you should focus on the most when you’re just starting a social media syndication strategy. Here’s how you should approach each one.

Facebook is great for sharing almost any kind of content. Make sure you accompany your blog posts and articles with a short teaser, just one to two sentences, luring your followers to click through to your content. You can easily share and tag photos with notable people from your business, and the album feature lets you keep everything organized. You can natively upload videos to Facebook or share them through another video sharing site as a link – they’ll play automatically and catch the attention of your followers as they scroll through their newsfeed.

Twitter is limited to 140 characters, including a URL, so you need to learn to use your words wisely. If you’re sharing blogs or articles, use a URL shortener like or to save space so you can write a teaser to your content. Photo sharing on Twitter is getting better, but still not flawless, and usually involves clicking on a thumbnail or link to see the full image. Videos are also restricted to links only. Twitter is great for sharing short, important news items or announcements, but you can also link to a full story on your site.

Google+ is much the same as Facebook with a significant difference. Google+ allows you to write much longer posts to accompany other content. Facebook limits you to 63,206 characters which may seem like a lot, but in truth it’s somewhat wasted. The reason very long posts should be reserved for Google+ is because public posts (shared with everyone and not just your circles) are indexed by Google and woven into search results. So if you share a link to a recent blog post, write a few summary paragraphs or an intro including tidbits that didn’t make it into the actual blog in order to drive up your search engine appeal.

Niche Social Media Services

Depending on the type of business you run and the content you wish to share, these niche services may or may not be a good place to extend your reach.

YouTube is allowing a lot more interaction with your videos, including linking to other videos in a series or highlighting special clips. However, unless you’re sharing links to something mentioned in the video, many viewers overlook the written content accompanying the video.

Pinterest is a highly visual service with a minor text component. The images you use need to be top-quality and enticing, because they’re the meat of the post and the incentive for viewers to click through and see your content.

Tumblr is a mixed bag of content. Short video clips (Vines), images, animated, GIFs, and text are jumbled about. It’s not a very professional platform for businesses, so unless your market is very Tumblr-oriented, this is a service you can skip with no remorse.

Instagram is an almost completely visual service, so what you post better be pleasing to the eye.

Bonus Service Tip for Businesses

You can use LinkedIn’s company profile to share updates about your business, post job openings, and connect with related companies and professionals. While all businesses can utilize their company profile to improve visibility to job seekers, its real brilliance is for business-to-business marketing. Share your company’s new business service offerings, show off your recent accomplishments, and show other businesses why they can’t live without your services.

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