The Connection between Menstruation and Acne

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In addition to cramps, bloating and fluctuations in mood, many women experience acne as one of their premenstrual symptoms. According to a study conducted by Dr. Alan Shalita on the connection between women’s menstrual cycles and acne flare-ups, 44% of women involved in the study experienced “premenstrual acne breakouts.”

Other key findings in Shalita’s study and other medical studies suggest a strong link between women’s periods (a time in which hormone levels are known to fluctuate) and the arrival of acne. Listed below are a few scientific findings that draw a connection between menstruation and acne:

  • Pre-menstrual acne may be more prevalent in women age 33 and older
  • Skin inflammation can increase by as much as 25% just prior to the onset of menstruation-typically between days 22 and 28 in a woman’s monthly cycle
  • Percentage who suffer pre-menstrual acne is thought by some to be over 75%

Relief from pre-menstrual acne might come in the form of oral contraceptives, which can sometimes help treat and prevent the symptoms of acne. Dermatologists are also a helpful resource in recommending acne treatments and skin care products, and can also prescribe various acne medications.

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