The Full Deal on our Panda-Monium Photo Contest

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November 17, 2011 – UPDATE

We were made aware of recent changes to Facebook’s contest/sweepstakes policies and found out that our photo contest has been rendered void. However, we did continue the canned food drive for “likes” contest and ended with 104 new fans and a generous donation to the Million Meals Committee just in time for Thanksgiving!

You can read the full details about why the photo contest was ended in our November 14th blog post. Thanks to everyone who supported the canned food drive!

October 20, 2011 – Whew, it’s been a crazy few days – Browser has been “browsing” the office, making productivity a bit difficult when you have a cuddly panda friend lurking around your desk.

We officially launched our Panda-Monium Photo Contest on Tuesday after a slight delay with the legalese in the official contest rules. But now that it’s all straightened out, we want to get you pumped up for participation!

There’s actually 2 aspects of the contest: a canned food donation drive and a prize-earning opportunity. As with our last promotion with the Back to School Backpack Drive, we want to give something to the community to celebrate our new “likes”. Since it’s the holiday season, and that means FOOD, we’re donating a canned good to the Million Meals Committee for each new “like” we gain between the contest start and November 15th. We started with 533, so let’s grow that number and feed some families!

There’s another reason you’re going to want to promote our page to your Facebook friends. Our actual contest is a photo contest, where your snapshot of Browser (in cutout form), could win you a brand new 8GB iPod Touch! You’ll increase your chances of winning by having your friends “like” our page, because that will give them access to “like” your photo entry!


Just visit our Facebook page and click on the Photo Contest tab on the left sidebar to access the information. Of course, no contest is complete without official rules, and they’re all there in their lawyery-goodness to protect us from any panda-shenanigans.

While you’re toting Browser around during your holiday travels, looking for the perfect photo-op, we’ll be keeping you updated on his daily office wanderings!

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