The Grinch Who Stole Your Website’s Visitors

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Ah, the holidays… the smell of freshly-cut Pine trees and hot cocoa permeate the air, candy canes and decorations adorn the crowded streets and malls, people buzzing to buy presents. It’s enough to make even the grouchiest Grinch smile widely and get into the spirit.

Alas, just as the Grinch tried and failed, we can’t stop Christmas from coming, and, we certainly can’t stop our website’s visits from dropping off during the holidays – unless, of course, you’re an online retailer selling today’s hottest holiday items. Or can we??

GrinchPuppy_000007982267XSmallThe answer is, YES! As long as we take measures ahead of time (in September or October) to guard against the significant drop in visitors most websites experience during the days of Yule.

Though some of our clients’ websites have felt the snub from holiday-focused Internet searchers, others are thriving. Let’s examine what those clients have done to prepare and are continuing to do to keep their non-holiday related websites in the minds of every visitor.

  1.  Add new, fresh content and more often. You can make it fun by exercising some marketing creativity and choosing topics that relate to the season, like this blog or our Thanksgiving Day Marketing blogs.
  2. Write holiday-inspired press releases. Check out these holiday safety tips from our client: Holiday Tips for Child Safety.
  3. Send your current and prospective clients online newsletters to stay in their minds during the holidays. We recommend you include a warm holiday message like this client did in their November online newsletter.
  4. Reevaluate or increase or your website’s backend SEO efforts. It never hurts to reexamine your website’s Meta data, page titles, keywords, and content and make adjustments when needed. If you’re happy with your site’s current SEO, ask your SEO expert for recommendations on how to keep your site popular in times when you would normally see a drop in traffic and leads.

The moral of the story is, that even if your online business doesn’t fit into the type of company most people are searching for during any specific season, you are still providing a valuable service. If you understand how to effectively market that service online, your potential customers will still be able to find you 365 days of the year.

Happy Holidays From The Who’s at We Do Web Content!!

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