The Internet is Atwitter with New Twitter News and Features

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December 12, 2011 – It seems all the news has been Facebook and Google+ lately, which leaves our tweeting crowd feeling lonely – until now!

On December 8, Twitter rolled out a preview of their new site design, appropriately enough during an event held at their new art-deco future headquarters in San Francisco. The new design gears to allow enhancements to profile pages to rival those of Facebook and Google+.

They’re also focusing on mobile, which is becoming more and more popular
 as smartphones become the norm for cellular communications and tablet devices are showing up in the hands of many on-the-go media consumers. Twitter knows mobile is the way, and they’ve developed a new advertisement on their mobile platform, as well as moving around promoted trends and accounts to the left side of your Twitter stream.

The big news for companies from the tweet-verse is that 21 major brands will be upgrading to special branded pages.
 Bing, Nike, Dell, American Express, Coke, McDonalds, and many other major names will be getting new features to play with. An enriched media experience, imbedded video for TV ads, and continuous promoted tweets at the tops of their pages are just a sample of the perks of being a big name in the Twitter game.

Twitter’s crew said they’ll be adding more companies throughout 2012 as they watch the success of the branded pages. They’re looking to offer it to a wider audience of brands – and we hope eventually to small business owners!

With the site redesign, one of the big features we’re excited for at We Do Web Content is the ability to embed a tweet on another website. This creates a solid way to promote your twitter stream, especially when your embedded tweet is a highly relevant link to some of your content. It promotes backlinks to your content and new Twitter followers all in one “Embed this tweet” step!

Probably the best news of all about the new embed feature is that it allows users to interact with your Twitter stream without leaving your page.
 This increases time spent on your business’ website while still encouraging Twitter interaction. The new feature lets users follow, comment, retweet or favorite your featured tweet all in one area on your website!

With all of Twitter’s new goodies rolling out for the holiday season, it can be tough keeping on top of it all. At We Do Web Content we help businesses capitalize on the power of social media marketing without having to learn the ropes themselves! We can create a custom Twitter campaign for your business to promote your website content and offers in the most eye-catching ways possible.

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