The New Age of Content Syndication

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January 12, 2011 – When you mention content syndication and social media most people just think about posting a link and writing a short blurb on what the article they’re linking to is about. Done, finished, simple, right?

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There’s more to syndicating your content than clicking a mouse.

While that’s how content syndication used to work, today you’ve got to be a little more tenacious to really get that extra mile out of your articles and blogs. Self-serving content that says little of interest to your readers and reads like one big advertisement isn’t going to be syndicated beyond your own social media profiles.

The content that gets shared among friends and passed on to interested parties is the stuff that’s either useful or entertaining.
 Depending on the nature of your business you may not hit the entertaining mark, but you can certainly be interesting with your Web content!

Think about what your clients need, and what interests them.
 It could be answering questions on why they need your services, new changes to your industry, or what you do different from your competitors. Another way to look at interesting content is to think about what makes your industry interesting, or what current buzz is going on in your world of business.

Viral content doesn’t go viral unless it’s appealing on its own.
 Think about the last article that you saw passed among your Facebook friends, then think about why. Did the article reveal some news that no one else had talked about yet, but was important to your circle of friends? Was the story on tips relevant to your everyday life? Or was it a link to something so cute/funny/amazing that everyone just HAD to see it?

We’re not saying your blog posts have to be the equivalent of the next Evolution of Dance YouTube phenomenon, but they do have to serve a purpose to your clients besides giving them your contact information. Make your content relevant and useful to your readers and they’ll feel the need to share, too!

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