The Secret Society of October Facebook Status Updates

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October 28, 2010 – If you’ve been in the social media scene since January you may remember that for a while your female friends posted nothing but a color as their Facebook status each day. It was soon revealed that this viral marketing tactic was to raise awareness for breast cancer.

A private message that was “girls only” was passed between friends and family asking them to look at what color bra they were wearing and post that color – and nothing else – as their status for the day. The phenomenon gained media attention and the mystery was soon broken, but it showed that a single message could create a whole lot of attention.

So much attention that for the few days after this trend took place, “color status on Facebook” ranked as #11 for searches on Google Trends, and it was pretty high on Twitter, too.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the experiment was repeated again, only this time with a bit more of a suggestive tone. The message passed from woman to woman this time was to list the location where they place their purse when they get home, with “I like it” prefacing the location.

“I like it on the desk” “I like it on the floor” “I like it on my bed”

Many out of the loop wondered why suddenly their girl friends were posting cryptic messages with suggestive hints. Even if the location didn’t lend itself to sexually-suggestive actions (“I like it on a hook on the wall”) it still aroused curiosity.


The mystery behind colors and locations has been solved!

There have been critics of the purpose of the status updates, many creating groups such as “I don’t care what color your bra is” or groups arguing that posting a status update about where your purse is does nothing to help breast cancer awareness programs. The bottom line is that the experiment gained national media attention again, and that’s all it set out to do in the first place.

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