The Selling Power of Friendship

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July 28, 2010 – On their continued campaign to help businesses reach out to their fans and gain more followers, Facebook has started showing users which of their friends have “liked” a particular page, and suggesting they do the same.

The recommendations sidebar on the right of your Facebook page has long since been a place to see advertisements, and now it’s a place to see what Facebook thinks you should be liking, too. If it notices several of your friends “like” Nike Football, they’ll suggest you should like it as well.


We all like it, you should too!

The idea is that you’ll remember, “Hey, I DO like Nike!” and click the button, because hey, plenty of your friends have already done so. While this does hold true for many of us-you typically hold similar interests as your friends-sometimes, the suggestions can get a little odd. When Facebook sees you liked one page, and notices that many users who like that page also like something else, they’ll suggest you do the same. 100,000 fans of Nike may also like Puff Daddy, but that doesn’t mean the other 1.3 million fans do.

So what do friendship and fans mean to your social media page? Every time a client “likes” your page, that action shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds. Curious parties are going to see this and hopefully say, “Hey, Jim liked this page, maybe I should see what it is!” The new visitor may like the fact that he’s just found a local attorney who specializes in an area that’s relevant to their interests and decide to “like” you too!

In an ideal world, that’s how it works. But unfortunately, most Facebook users don’t “like” pages simply because their friends do unless they actually DO like that product/brand/business. Many companies have taken to running promotions to drive up fan numbers, such as a giveaway to a random fan when they reach X amount of fans. Even better incentives are when they offer double giveaways, one to the random fan and one to the fan that referred them.

Of course, you’re not going to want to invite fans to a social media page that has no content – you need to give them a reason to be a fan! By posting your website’s articles, latest blog posts, and linking to any external articles you publish, you’ll make sure that your social media profile is full of relevant, quality content. Your clients want to see an attorney that’s full of knowledge and willing to share, and discuss, with their clients.

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