The Spectrum of Online Friendship

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June 3, 2010 – Before the social media explosion of the 2000s, friendship was limited to the number of relationships you could maintain and the quality of those connections. Through the power of the Internet, people now consider hundreds of people their “friends” through Facebook and Twitter.

When using social media networks to promote your law firm, you’ll have hundreds of “friends” connected to your account. These friends will be involved with your law firm (your “brand,” as we’ll call it) in a broad spectrum:

  • Passive Interest: They read your content from time to time if the topic interests them.
  • Active Interest: You’ve grabbed their attention enough that they post a comment on your work.
  • Sharing: They like your work so much they link to it on their own profile/blog/website.
  • Public Dialogue: You exchange publically viewable messages through referrals on your websites and profiles.
  • Private Dialogue: You exchange private messages through e-mail, Instant Messenger, etc.
  • Advocacy: They explicitly tell others to follow your work.
  • Investment: They become invested in your successes.

As you can see, your social media “friends” can help your Internet marketing by spreading your popularity in social networking channels. This is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing that used to seem so hard to achieve before the Internet.

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