The Trials and Tricks of Twitter Tweets

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Blog Series: Choosing Your Social Media

June 22, 2011 
– Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a Twitter boot camp, we’ll only scratch the surface of this unique social network today.

Twitter is the popular 140-character social network platform that’s gone from cell phone text messages to a booming live-stream social media giant in just 5 years. More than 1 billion tweets go out every week with an average of 456 tweets per second!

Twitter (2)Twitter has made history in many ways unrelated to its growth. The public Twitter feeds are beingcataloged in the Library of Congress, they’ve been used as media coverage of everything from the Iraq War to President Barak Obama’s inauguration (and he was the first U.S. President to tweet, too). Twitter has even made celebrity stalking easier when you follow your favorite actors and musicians on their personal Twitter profiles.

So how do businesses use this fast-paced social update system? One of the industries that have really picked up on it is mobile food trucks. Because their location can change weekly, if not daily, they needed a way to let loyal customers know where they’re going to be. Daily tweets a few hours before lunch time let their clients know where they’ll be offering tasty eats that day.

But say your business isn’t going anywhere – you’re a storefront or office and you don’t really have that much happening on a minute-to-minute basis. Is Twitter still worth the time investment? Sure!

Twitter is also a great way to use some promotional marketing tactics like contests and polls. Because users can interact directly with your Twitter account using the @ tag or direct messages, you can easily generate instant client interaction in 140 characters by posting trivia questions, “first to respond” contests, and polls. It’s a great way to interact with clients and grab new Twitter followers when you have a little incentive.

Twitter also helps you instantly and easily share content links. Link shorteners are a must to beat the 140 character limit, and you’ll have to get a little creative to shorten your content lead-in, but it’s worth it when followers can instantly re-tweet your post to all their followers. It’s viral marketing made simple through your existing fans.

We Do Web Content offers social media syndication services on your Twitter accounts as well. It’s great to share content links on Twitter because it’s much easier for your followers to share it with their friends just by re-tweeting your status. This means your content has the potential to not only reach your followers, but all the followers of your followers – like a huge pyramid of potential client exposure!

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