The WDWC Summer Office Move!

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May 31, 2011 – We hope you all had a great Memorial Day! If you follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!) you’ll see that we’ve been busy moving offices during our long weekend!

Ok, it’s technically not summer yet (but sure feels that way!) but we’re still considering this our “summer move”. You may recall we moved back in early January and while that setup was nice, we’re growing and needed more space and a better view! After some searching, we decided to move up to a dee-luxe office suite in the skyyyyy!


The lovely new office is located on the 3rd floor of a historic downtown Ft. Lauderdale building, complete with lush vine growth! There’s plenty more parking, mostly shaded, which makes us very happy!

Our fearless leader, Yvette Valencia, and sales manager, Alex Valencia, braved the expanses of IKEA for 4 straight hours picking out our snazzy new furniture. Then the moving and IT crew spent all weekend assembling, arranging and wiring everything up. Our Facebook page has a ton of the work in progress pictures, but here are a few choice shots I took while visiting on Friday:




When all was said and done, we’re now operating at full speed with a lovely view in every room, a break room (soon to contain a full fridge and flat screen TV, among typical amenities), and plenty of space to grow our crew even more!





You better believe we’ll have more pictures and stories once we get settled in. More wall art, food-related appliances, pinboards, cabinets…who knows! Oh, and don’t worry, Rocky was relocated during all this so he was never in any danger. He’ll make his new office debut next week when things are settled down.

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