There’s More to Being Found On the Internet Than SEO Keyword Optimization

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Keywords may be the traditional king for ranking in the search results, but there are many other aspects to pay attention to when you want a no-hassle experience for clients looking for your business. Sometimes clients already know your name and web address; they don’t need a search engine to find your site. If they have that much, you need to find out what more they are looking for when they come to your page?

Make Sure Your Critical Information Is Clearly Displayed

Think about your own search habits. When you have a specific local restaurant you’re craving but don’t know its hours, you visit the website. That search won’t really require keywords because you know the name of the restaurant – so you’re really just looking for that very specific information on its website.

The same goes for your own business. Sometimes, you’ll have potential customers coming to your site knowing they want something from you; all they need is to know some basics:

  • address;
  • phone number;
  • hours of operation; and
  • amenities.

Depending on the type of business you run, your basics may also include methods of payment accepted, brands carried, or age requirements.

This information should appear on a relevant page – typically a “contact” or “about” page since most of the critical information involves interacting with your business. It’s also good practice to display your basic contact information on your header or footer so there’s no click necessary from your home page to get this simple info.

Make Your Core Content Easy to Find

When clients reach your website by typing your URL into their browser bar or clicking through a non-search result page, it’s not completely obvious as to what exactly they’re looking for. Sometimes site viewers aren’t sure what they want when they visit a site – they’re coming there based on the recommendation of a friend.

These “word of mouth” visitors need to see exactly what your business is about and what kind of web content is waiting to be discovered. That’s where good web design and content organization comes into play. You want it to be easy for visitors to get to the most critical pieces of your content – product pages, practice areas, etc.

On-site search features are an excellent way to help viewers find content on your site that’s relevant to their interests. Say, for example, a person comes to your law firm’s website because a friend told them your office’s URL and said you’re a great attorney. If they’re there for general information about your area of law or specifics on their type of case, they need to be able to find that information quickly through an on-site search or easy-to-use navigation menus.

Good web content is most useful when it’s located on a well-developed website. At We Do Web Content, we work with your existing web designers or our own professionals to ensure your content is optimized for maximum visibility to potential clients. Contact us today at 888-521-3880 for a FREE website audit and learn where you can benefit from SEO and a new marketing plan!