Think like Your Clients to Write for Your Clients

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Blog Series: Finding Your Content Niche

May 2, 2011 
– Ever hear a stage entertainer say they “play to the audience”? Well, it works the same way with writing Internet content.

The purpose of developing unique, relevant content for your website and blogs is to attract readers who may then be converted to clients. It’s a mixture of marketing, sales, and public relations that can be often hard to create – but rewarding when successful.

This week we’re focusing on good practices to follow when creating your content if your goal is to attract more ideal clients for your business. One of the first steps you need to take when creating attractive content is to think about what your readers are looking for.

Step into the shoes of your average client. What kind of information are they looking for about your business? Sometimes it’s just an address or your store hours, but for a new potential client they’re looking for a bit more involved information.

Chances are no matter what industry you’re in – from law firms to landscapers – you’re not the only business of your type in the area. This means the content on your website and blogs needs to stand out beyond that of your competition. You need to offer your potential clients exactly what they’re looking for.

So think about the common questions your clients ask – what kind of information are they seeking? If you’re a law office that handles product liability claims, a common client concern may be whether or not they can file an injury claim for a defective product if they assembled the product themselves. Or if you’re a landscaping company your clients may be wondering if they can have rose bushes planted in their yard and if you can incorporate them into a circular driveway area.

These are the kinds of topics that your potential clients want to read about on your website – and you need to indulge them. When your site has the most relevant, informative content that answers their search engine queries, your readers will more than likely follow through and use your contact page to find out more about your services.


There you have it – answer your reader’s needs and convert them to clients!

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