Thinking Locally With Your Facebook Fans

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August 2, 2011 – We’re keeping our eye on Tropical Storm Emily as she wanders about the southern Caribbean islands – we may have a soggy weekend ahead of us!

Hurricanes in the eastern Atlantic are of great concern to us locally, but not so much to our fans out on the West coast. This difference in interest sparks an interesting question on how we interact with our friends and fans on social media. Just how many followers of your local business are truly “local”?


A recent study by Roost, who offers a nifty local scorecard evaluation of your Facebook business page, found that on the average local business page on Facebook only about 15% of the “likes” are from local residents. The study evaluated more than 800 small businesses and their Facebook pages, finding that not many of their fans are in the nearby metropolitan area where their office is located.

What does this mean exactly? Well, for businesses that offer services nationally, it’s of no concern. If you ship anywhere, or offer an intangible or digital product, your customers can be anywhere in the world. However, for businesses like restaurants that are in fixed locations, or services like dentists that don’t travel, this is a concern.

Of course, we’re not telling you to stop gathering fans and “likes”! Remember that just because a specific fan or follower isn’t in the vicinity to utilize your services, they still help spread the word of your business through their own network. You never know when a florist in California will re-post your latest blog entry about the new stock of mixing bowls you got in at your store in Missouri. If that florist has friends near your store, they could be dropping in to check out the new merchandise because they saw it on Facebook!

So should you be concerned if your scorecard turns up a low local presence?
 Yes and no. It’s always best to have a high concentration of local fans, and you can do this by posting notice in your actual office or store that you have a Facebook page.

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