Three Content Marketing Lessons from Yahoo!’s New Logo

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Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is getting some feedback on her new personally-designed logo – along with a team of designers – and it’s not very positive.

The company unveiled its new logo on September 4 after a 29-day marketing campaign that teased a new potential design every day. After the big reveal, critics were quick to point out the logo’s flaws and scold Mayer for being a CEO and not a graphic designer.


After watching this event unfold, here are three lessons we pulled from the Yahoo! logo experience and related to content marketing.

Promote Your Content

Even though Yahoo!’s new logo didn’t receive the positive response the company hoped for, it definitely got the media’s attention. Yahoo! did a good job of making the Internet anticipate its big logo change and still gained a ton of press about it, even though very few seemed to like the new design.

When you’re releasing an important piece of content like a new eBook you need to make sure you’re marketing it in every channel possible. From social media to pre-order landing pages, everywhere you can mention the upcoming content, do it! The more your audience anticipates the new content, the more reach you may get on launch day – even if the response falls short of your desired outcome.

Seemingly Trivial Content Can Spark Engagement

Logos can be both a huge deal and a minor detail in the business world. Companies like Tropicana have seen sales plummet when they mess with their iconic designs and quickly revert back to their tried and true look. In most cases of logo redesigns, they’re big news for a few days and then the agitated masses fade back and forget the old logo ever existed. The point is that for that brief period it generated attention and potentially gained the brand new followers who gave notice to a company they never cared about until they heard the news.

In Yahoo!’s case, the company has been losing steam and fading into the background of Internet search as Google continues to dominate and Bing has crept up the leaderboard. Suddenly, amidst the other buzz on the Internet like Samsung and Apple’s latest product releases, Yahoo! took over the blog buzz with its logo – and made headlines.

Yahoo! generated a good amount of buzz over something small – a trick you can use with your own content. Even if your latest blog post is just about “what to do after a motorcycle accident” or “best ornamental peppers for your yard,” if you promote it properly, it can generate buzz for your business.

Even Controversial Press Fades Away Over Time

So Yahoo!’s logo didn’t refresh feelings of love and adoration that the search company once held. There’s no telling whether Mayer made the change to generate some media attention or not, but we’re hoping she has more plans in the works to dig up additional momentum. The lesson here is that press hype like this will fade quickly, and you better have more content waiting to keep your audience’s attention.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more newsworthy announcements from Yahoo! in the near future – and if not, they’ve lost a huge opportunity. Here we are, a week after the logo announcement, and the news is pretty much dead. No longer trending on Twitter, blogs are quieted down with the Yahoo! name, and now the Internet is focusing on hotter news like the Apple product announcement tomorrow.

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