Time Capsule of Tweets: Library of Congress to Start Archiving Twitter

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April 15, 2010 – You may not think your cousin’s tweet about the great sandwich he ate for lunch is a document of historical significance, but the Library of Congress does. A new project is underway wherein the LoC will be archiving every public tweet ever made, including the very first tweet from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

This announcement further emphasizes how powerful Twitter has become in the social media world.
Since the service was founded in 2006, Twitter users have posted during some of the world’s major historical events, such as the Iranian elections last year, the recent surge in earthquakes across the globe, and the ongoing War in Iraq. These tweets form a historical record of the thoughts and feelings of our generation.

Twitter’s staff says they never thought their service would be viewed this way, but they’re eagerly supporting the project. The Twitter service is being used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide. From social updates to marketing tools, there’s a new reason to tweet every day.

Google is also on the bandwagon with this one, developing the archive so it will be easily searchable by a timeline. Users will be able to go to any specific date down to the minute to search what people were tweeting about at that moment, either by browsing or looking for specific keywords.

Your social media presence may already include Twitter, meaning your tweets are soon to become a historical document of the world’s public thoughts. Make sure you’re appropriately using your Twitter account to avoid old mistakes from becoming permanent record.

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