Tips for Hiring a Web Design Company

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December 18, 2009 – We Do Web Content does not currently offer web design services, but we always get questions from clients asking us about web designers and what companies to work with. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and ideas to consider before you hire a web designer to create your website.

Finding a Great Web Designer

Research is important anytime you are working with a new contractor or hiring anyone to develop your website, or even parts of your website. The overall design, navigation, and usability of your website are some of the most important factors in determining its overall success. If your website looks bad, loads slowly, has dead-end navigation, or is difficult or confusing to use, it will fail and you won’t be converting new customers anytime soon. Choosing a bad web designer can cost you thousands of dollars in design fees plus the amount you’ll need to pay someone else to fix all of their mistakes or even finish the job in some cases.

That’s where research comes in. Doing your homework up front can save you major headaches (and costs!) later on. When looking at possible web designer always:

  1. Ask to see examples of their work in the form of currently active websites they have designed and see if their style is in line with your goals for your website.
  2. Go to their website and look for client testimonials, seeing what past clients have to say about their work can really help.
  3. Contact the owners of some of the websites they have worked on and ask about their experiences working with this designer. Did the work go as planned? Was the work completed on time (that’s a HUGE factor)? Did many unexpected costs occur or was the initial estimate close to the final amount?
  4. Ask the web designer questions about their direct experience creating websites for the platform you are going with, creating a WordPress website is different than creating one for Joomla or for another type of CMS.
  5. Consider the designer’s overall demeanor and attitude. It may seem petty, but this guy or girl is responsible for creating one of your most valuable assets. You’ll be working hand in hand for weeks or months, and if you don’t have the same vision for your website, they have attitude about making changes, or your personalities just seem to clash, move along. The experience will just get worse and turn into Word War III. We’ve seen it many times before and in the end, they might just quit and leave you hanging or deliver sub-par work that must be redone by someone else.

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