Tips on nurturing leads into sales

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In an article for BtoBOnline, Will Schnable of Silverpop discusses the importance of developing a lead-nurturing program in order to maintain a connection with contacts that are classified as “longer-term prospects.”

Schnable identifies the goals of a lead-nurturing program as:

  • Gathering information about where prospects are in a buying cycle
  • Moving prospects along in the buying process
  • Influencing prospects toward the company and its products

Drip campaigns that consist of regular communications with prospects outperform one-time-only e-mail campaigns by 3 to 1
, according to Schnable, so even simple lead-nurturing programs should be considered.

It is advisable to include messages in direct marketing campaigns that pose a question regarding the needs of the prospect. Responses to the prospect should be tailored to any answers your business receives to those questions, or any significant communications you’ve had while developing the lead.

Schnable recommends that success with webinars, e-mail, telesales and events should be tracked so as to adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

Read the full article titled, “Don’t let leads slip through your fingers.”

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