Tips on Building a High-Quality Email List

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May 18, 2010 – In the world of the Internet, a client’s email address (legitimately obtained, of course) can be priceless when it comes to marketing opportunities. Email addresses allow for a direct, instant contact that can be done in bulk mailings or single, personal messages.

To run any sort of successful Internet marketing campaign through email, whether it be a newsletter, press release, or just general contact, you need to build an email list. You can’t just grab anyone’s email address off the Internet, you need to have an email list full of client addresses that requested you send them information.

So how do you get email addresses for your list? It’s easier than you think – give clients an opportunity to sign up EVERYWHERE. Some ideas include:

  • A “Join My Mailing List” button on your website (best if on a sidebar or header/footer that appears on every page)
  • Promote your e-newsletter on your social media profiles and blogs
  • Post teasers of articles from your newsletter and invite readers to see the full issue, linking to the archive of past issues on your website
  • Have a physical sign-up sheet in your office lobby
  • Offer subscription to your e-newsletter along with your free report or book offers
  • Ask clients to spread the word, offer an incentive to clients who get the most newsletter referrals

Remember that you need to obtain email addresses from the client themselves. Unsolicited email (spam) can get you in legal trouble if an irritated client files complaint to their email company. Always make sure to include a clear and simple method of unsubscribing in all your emails, and don’t assume that if you have email lists for multiple newsletters your client will automatically want to receive them all.

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