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Blog Series: Seeking Content Inspiration

July 14, 2011 
– Generating daily blog topics can get tough after months and months of writing. How do we do it? Check out our top tips for generating quick blog topics that work for any type of business!

Tip 1 – Read, read, read!
Your industry has tons of news, and the content found on related business’ websites can be fodder for inspiring a good article of your own. Just make sure you’re writing it in your own voice with your own spin on the subject, and not just parroting what someone else is saying.

Tip 2 – Watch what’s hot.
What are your competitors blogging about? If it’s something newsworthy to them, chances are it’s worth mentioning on your blog as well. Remember though, don’t just go grabbing their daily topics, or else you might be accused of being a copycat. If you see a good topic, bookmark it and come back to it later (provided it’s not time-sensitive).

Tip 3 – Set up news feeds.
The websites that deal with your profession, such as state bar associations, industry-specific organizations, and certification boards may be a great place to get the latest news as it relates to your business and your clients. Set up RSS feeds and make sure you get the latest info to your clients. Same goes for local news, if it’s related to your business – blog it!

Tip 4 – Lists are great!
Here’s the tip that relates to this blog – writing a list post blog is a quick way to get a full entry with little effort. All we did here was re-imagine and creatively repurpose some of the topics we touched on earlier this week and turned them into a list of tips.

And there you have it, 4 tips to help generate some new topics for your blog when your brain just isn’t up to the task!


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