Tips to Stop Acne Scars from Occurring

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Suffering from acne is bad enough without permanent reminders of the condition. Getting rid of pimples might seem like an uphill battle, but it is often nothing compared to eliminating acne scars.

If you have acne, you might consider yourself unlucky. However, you have a chance to prevent scarsfrom occurring at this stage. Consider the following tips to prevent acne scars, provided by about.comand Clear Skin Acne:

  • Treat acne as soon as you notice it
  • Do not scrub your face or otherwise treat it harshly, as this inflames scars
  • Do not pick at or pop your pimples, as it forces oil and bacteria deeper
  • Let a dermatologist look at large cysts and nodules immediately to prevent deep scarring

According to the same sources, good habits to develop include applying benzoyl peroxide and allowing your acne some time to heal rather than poking and picking at it.

Some people are more prone to acne scarring than others, but there are measures you can take toprevent it. If you think you scar easily, visit a dermatologist to determine the best acne treatments and overall course of action to take before your face is covered in scars.

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