To Duplicate or Not To Duplicate Your Web Content

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September 14, 2010 – Anyone who’s submitted an article to an article distribution site or directory has probably run across a rule that says “no duplicate articles” and gotten a bit worried. The truth is, there’s a distinct difference between duplicate articles and duplicate content.

“No duplicate articles” means the site does not want you to submit the same article twice.
It’s common sense; they don’t want to publish an article they’ve already seen, because it’s either already on their site, or they previously rejected it. A duplicate article means you’re submitting the EXACT SAME ARTICLE to the same site.


Be careful when being a copycat (and never copy someone else’s work!)

Duplicate content is something we’ve actually yet to see restricted by an article submission site. If you ever come across a site banning duplicate content, this means they want articles that have never been published anywhere else, not even on your own website.

Search engines love to see that your content is being linked to and linking to other places.
Link trails are one of the ways that the search engines determine the relevance and quality of your website and content. The more legal-related, high-traffic sites that link to your website, the more legitimate of a search match Google and the other engines believe your website to be for keywords like “Fairfax personal injury attorney.”

When you’re looking to publish your great legal articles to new sources outside your website, don’t worry about submitting the same content that’s found on your website to another source.

It is important to note however, that Google uses filters to prevent the same article from showing up more than once in their search engine results, which means submitting the same article to numerous distribution sites won’t allow you to take up all 10 spots on a Google results page. Additionally, Google will penalize you if duplicate content on your website appears to be maliciously aimed at manipulating search engine results.

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