Top 10 SEO Content Tips For Lawyers

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October 8, 2009 – There’s a lot of do’s and don’t out there when it comes to SEO content, but is good to start with the basics, so here are the top 10 SEO tips to keep your website ranking high and converting your customers (listed in no particular order).

1. Provide fresh, relevant content – You need to create web content that gives great information about a large variety of topics pertaining to your legal practice and expertise.

2. No duplicate content
– Including content that appears on multiple websites or even multiple pages on your own website lowers your page ranking, which really damages the chances of anyone finding you through search engine results.

3. Edit for the web
– Great web content that no one can read won’t help you. Make sure your web content is edited for web readability, including the right font size, color, and style as well as short paragraphs and pages.

4. Internal links – When you can link to another area of your website versus sending visitors away, you increase your chances of conversion.

5. FAQs
– People ask a lot of questions, if you can answer them on your website, people will trust you. Plus, if you use your keywords, those are extra searchable pages that will show up on search engine results.

6. Don’t forget your landing pages
– Yes, those introductory pages count as content and should be informative, edited correctly, and keyword optimized for search engines.

7. Contact Forms – Your website should have a clearly defined contact page with your phone number(s), address, directions and/or map to your office as well as a contact form web visitors can fill out to contact you with questions.

8. Word your content correctly – You are writing for non-lawyers, make sure your web content is written in a clear, easy to understand tone and style that informs your readers, not confuses them further.

9. Choose your keywords with purpose – When choosing the best SEO keywords for your website, research is key! The keywords you think are good for your website and the keywords that people actually search for could be completely different.

10. Track your progress
– The only way to determine which keywords, content, campaigns, etc. are working for your website is to track them. Free services like Google Analytics can help you see how many visitors your website is getting, what content is the most highly views, the keywords they used to find you, your bounce rate, and other imperative info.

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