Top 5 Free Online Marketing Tools

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October 20, 2009 – Who doesn’t want to get something for free? Online marketing isn’t always cheap, but these free online marketing tools can help you get the most out of your online marketing strategy by expanding your web presence, tracking your progress, and helping to build your online reputation.

1. Facebook – Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your legal practice is a great way to market your legal services online, make connections, grow your practice, create backlinks, and drive traffic to your website. And yes, creating and maintaining a Facebook fan page is F-R-E-E! Become a Fan at We Do Web Content’s Facebook Fan Page!

2. Twitter – Social media marketing is the next big thing, and at this price, it’s silly to keep yourself out of the conversation. Twitter is great for driving traffic to your website, networking with other professionals, connecting with new and potential clients, finding out what people are talking about (web content development), managing your online reputation, and more. Once again, creating and maintaining a Twitter profile is FREE. Follow We Do Web Content on Twitter!

3. Google Analytics – This priceless yet free program is a MUST. Google Analytics helps you track and test your website’s performance including how many people are visiting your website, your bounce rate, what keywords people are using to find you, and other incredibly valuable information that can help with everything from your web content development strategy to usability issues and more!

4. One Utility’s Inbound Link Checker– Find out how many websites (and who) is linking to your website. Other good Webmaster tools available for free on the One Utility website include a Host and IP Backlink analysis and an Anchor Text backlink checker.

5. ClickTaleClickTale allows you to see exactly how your website’s visitors are interacting with your website, what buttons they are clicking on, what forms they forgo, the links they prefer and so on. Great for web content development strategies and testing/tracking/changing your website’s usability, which is HUGE for the success of a website. You can also upgrade from the FREE version to the subscription packages for additional features and support.

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