Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Lawyers 2010 Edition

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November 24, 2010 – Black Friday is closing in and you may be scratching your head on what to get the lawyer in your life for the holidays. We’ve developed a top 5 list of the popular gadget gifts and how they apply to productivity in the legal world.

iPads, scanners, keyboard goo, gift certificates, and mini-fridges, oh my!

iPads, scanners, keyboard goo, gift certificates, and mini-fridges, oh my!

Great Gift #1 – The iPad. Granted this is on a lot of people’s wish lists, not just lawyers, but the iPad really does offer a lot to legal eagles looking to be on the cutting edge of productivity on the go. The iTunes App store offers a variety of great apps geared toward the legal profession (we’re reporting on that later this week).

The iPad is actually good for any professional in any industry as it makes document presentation, creation and editing on the fly much simpler. No more lugging bulky laptops or trying to show a chart to your client on a tiny smartphone screen! If your lawyer already owns an iPad, there’s a plethora of accessories like cases, skins and stands.

Great Gift #2 – CyberClean.
Many lawyers find themselves eating at their desk when they’re on a big deadline. This means crumbs in the keyboard and sauces of undeterminable origin making your keys stick. You could unplug the keyboard, pop off all the keys, and give it a good cleaning, but why? Enter CyberClean.

This stuff looks like your child’s PlayDoh but what sets it apart is that it’s specially designed to be ultra grippy to collect crumbs, dust, and dirt out of those little nooks and crannies in your electronics. This putty is moldable to any surface, safe for all electronics, and great for getting crumbs out of keyboards. It’s also anti-bacterial!

Great Gift #3 – VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner.
For the lawyer on the go that needs to get a document back to the office, but there’s no copier to be found. This little gadget is great for capturing information without having access to a full size scanner or copier. Especially useful for off-site research where the materials can’t be taken off premises. Pairs well with that iPad when you need to scan and e-mail something quickly!

Great Gift #4 – Gift Certificates.
You may think gift certificates are passé, but you can work some great magic with this website. Certificates can be purchased blank and used at any participating restaurant. The value is the best part, the normal site advertises $25 certificates for $10, but if you join their e-mail list and wait a few days you can get 60-80% discounts – meaning a $25 gift card can go for as little as $2!

You can stock up on these now and give them out throughout the year. Best part is, they’re all electronic, so all you do is print when you’re ready to use, meaning they’re great to e-mail to colleagues. It’s a good way to send a little holiday cheer that allows your recipient to experience a new local restaurant without fearing the bill! Just beware, most venues have use restrictions such as dates, times, or minimum bill amount, so don’t forget to read the fine print.

Great Gift #5 – The USB Desktop Fridge.
Going to the less practical but still useful side of things, this is for when you REALLY need that Red Bull to get you through the workday. Your lawyer can keep a cold can of his or her favorite energy drink or soda within arm’s reach at all times. No more office fridge wars, and it’s easily powered by plugging into your PC.

There’s a ton of other nifty gadgets and fun things available online. is running Black Friday specials already, and for some offbeat yet useful gifts, explore the year-round gift portal of ThinkGeek.

We’d love to hear some of your great gift ideas for the attorneys on your “nice” list this year!

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