Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Lawyers 2012 Edition

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Happy holidays from We Do Web Content! Our first gift to you this December is our third annual guide to holiday gifts for lawyers. If you aren’t familiar with this little tradition, you can see what we picked out in 2010 and 2011 – useful and legal-related gifts that are still relevant this year as well!

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Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: Battery Accessories for Mobile Devices

Your lawyer probably has a smartphone or PDA practically glued to his or her hand. Excessive use of mobile devices is a drain on their battery and there’s not always time to sit down and find an outlet to plug in and recharge for a few hours. The good news is that with new technology comes new accessories and there are plenty of power-boosting gadgets to help your lawyer make it through the day without losing connectivity.

For smartphones, there are a number of special cases and attachments to provide additional battery life. One of our personal picks that our in-house writer, Lisa, uses is the uNu DX Protective Battery Case for the iPhone 4/4S. Not only does it provide a nice protective case for your phone, it will also charge it back up to nearly full battery life when you’re running low. You can get one directly from their website, or check for it on Amazon where it sells for a bit cheaper.

Kensington has a great portable battery that charges several popular brands of smartphones: Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, LG, and so on. It’s like having an outlet in your pocket!

Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: The Top Lawyer Movies on DVD

After a rough day at the office, all your lawyer may want to do is sit back and relax with a good movie. In 2008 the ABA Journal compiled its user-rated 25 Greatest Legal Movies. Starting with the #1 pick, To Kill A Mockingbird, all the way through #25, Miracle on 34th Street (which gets bonus points for also being a holiday movie), there’s plenty of gift options on the list to find a cinematic masterpiece for your favorite attorney.

If full-length movies are a bit too time-consuming for the busy legal professional in your life, try some humorous shorts. Cartoon series Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law uses iconic cartoon characters from the 70s and beyond to poke fun at the legal world.

Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: Law-Themed Holiday Decorations

Deck the law firm halls with some legal trimming this holiday season! Popular lawyer gift website, For Counsel, has a great tabletop Christmas tree that’s ready to display with a unique set of tiny legal-themed ornaments. They also have full sized ornaments for the office tree.

Speaking of ornaments, the Supreme Court Historical Society has released its 12th annual ornament – perfect to continue a collection or start a new tradition.

Decorations don’t have to be just for the tree – you can help “decorate” your lawyer with some professional pajamas. TV pseudo-lawyer (we’re not sure exactly what he does for a profession) Barney Stinson from the show How I Met Your Mother has popularized heading to bed in Suitjamas– pajamas designed to look and feel like an expensive silk suit.

Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: Little Books of Law

Head over to the American Bar Association web store to pick up the Little Books of Law series. These small humorous tomes look at some of the lighter topics of law with actual stories about the legal issues that can come up regarding movies, food, and even cowboys.

The ABA Web Store has plenty of serious publications for lawyers as well, so its library is worth a browse. Many of the eBooks published through the store were written by lawyers just like yours, which brings us to our top gift pick for the holiday season…

Holiday Gifts for Lawyers: The Gift of Content

You don’t have to be a sales manager or a marketing genius to help grow your lawyer’s business – you just have to know the right people to talk to! If you know an attorney or law firm whose web content and content marketing could use some holiday cheer, put them in touch with We Do Web Content!

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Do you have some great ideas for unique holiday gifts for lawyers? Leave a comment so we can update our holiday gift guide with YOUR picks!