Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Lawyers 2013 Edition

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It’s time for our annual holiday gift guide for lawyers! It’s our fourth year running and if you didn’t catch the last installments, there’s still plenty of relevant gift ideas for legal eagles from 2012, 2011, and 2010! Whether the lawyer in your life celebrates Hanukkah (or Thanksgivukkah), Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, it’s time to think about what kind of gifts will fit their busy legal lifestyle.


Monthly Presents for Lawyers – “Of the Month” Clubs and Box Subscriptions

Pick a passion and there’s bound to be a club that sends out related monthly items. From bacon to wine, there’s a monthly club that will deliver a special treat to your lawyer’s office for an unexpected surprise. Check out AmazingClubs, an extensive directory of monthly gift clubs, for some great ideas!

Similar in nature are the box subscriptions where you can get a variety of items of various categories delivered to your lawyer every month. Are they a health food nut? Try NatureBox which has a mix of healthy snacks that changes with every box, perfect little packs of tasty treats that fit great in a briefcase for between-meeting snacking! Or there’s also the Find Subscription Boxes directory with lists of all the different types of boxes you can get.

Lawsuit! the Board Game – A Great Holiday Gift for Lawyers with Kids

For lawyers with kids (or lawyers who still have the heart of a kid) this is the gift for them! This board game has won the Creative Child’s Magazine Game of the Year Award 7 years running and no wonder – it’s a blast! See what it’s like to go through law school, pass the bar, and found your own law firm without spending thousands on tuition and years in the process! There’s even the option to make your own cards to expand your game so it never gets old! Visit to order a copy before the holidays!

Lady Justice Steel Wine Caddy – A Unique Gift for Your Lawyer

Sometimes after a hard day in court, all your lawyer wants is to sit down to a nice glass of wine. Keeping a bottle in the office may not be the best desk décor, until now. The Lady Justice steel wine caddy tips the scales for red or white and adds a humorous touch to your attorney’s office. Pair her with a Wine of the Month Club subscription and you’ve got a great gift plan!

You can pick up a Lady Justice at For Counsel, one of our favorite sites for lawyer gifts.

Light Up Your Lawyer’s Desk with a Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle

The Newton’s Cradle has been a classy piece of useless desk décor for generations. Now thanks to the techies at Think Geek (an awesome site for fun and sometimes practical desk gadgets) the iconic item has been updated with today’s LED technology. The distinctive “clack, clack, clack” of the Newton’s Cradle now puts on a great light show – perfect for keeping your lawyer amused during those long nights at the office!

Digital Health Gadgets for the Health-Conscious Lawyer

Wearable health trackers have become a hit for people with busy lifestyles, and definitely something a health-conscious lawyer would enjoy! recently reviewed its top 8 health-tracking sensors that range from wristbands to pocketed fobs that feature smartphone connectivity.

If you want to go the extra mile, Nintendo’s Wii U console recently came out with a second installation of its popular Wii Fit exercise series, Wii Fit U. The game comes with dozens of exercises, programmable routines and training sessions, and right now if your lawyer already owns a Wii U console and Wii Fit balance board, they can download a copy of the game for free and keep it for life if you give them a Fit Meter – the advanced pedometer that connects with your Wii Fit U game and tracks your daily activity. Your attorney will be amazed to see how many calories they burn just running around the office!

We hope you’ve found some gift inspiration to thank the lawyers in your life for all they do. From criminal justice attorneys who fight for the rights of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, to personal injury lawyers who seek justice for victims of negligence, every lawyer deserves a little holiday cheer this season! Happy holidays from the We Do Web Content team!