Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating Online Videos

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December 11, 2009 – Online videos are one the smartest online marketing strategies your company should take on in 2010. If you can create a short, informative, and engaging online video with decent production values, you can see a huge return on what is essentially a very small investment in time and resources. Below are the Top 5 reasons to get into online video now!

  1. SEO – Online videos are incredibly popular and they rank really really well. People who have been totally unable to crack the top search engine results for their industry’s most popular keywords are getting amazing rankings with Google Video Search by creating online videos. While millions of videos are getting uploaded every month, there are still amazing opportunities for you to drive significant traffic to your website and increase your search engine rankings through online video. With YouTube getting into the captions game, you’ll have even more opportunities to rank well for your keywords when you include them in your video script.
  2. Short, Cheap, and Easy – People don’t want to watch 20 minute videos where you explain every detail of your product. They want short, informative, and lively videos that get right to the point. Creating a 4-5 minute online video is extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to what you are spending on advertising or PPC campaigns, and all you really need is a decent digital video camera, a place to shoot with good lighting and sound, and someone who knows how to edit and upload that video to the Internet. You can create 5 minute videos on every niche of your industry and with a library of fantastic and informative online videos on your website or YouTube, etc., you’ll have that many more opportunities to connect with customers.
  3. Everyone Loves Online Videos – Recent studies show that in all honestly, almost every single person who goes online spends at least some time every day, week, or month watching online videos. This includes A LOT of your target audience regardless of whether that involves teens, soccer moms, seniors, or all of them. If online videos are what people are searching for, shouldn’t you be providing them?
  4. Hi, I’m a person – Do you know what people love? Other people! Your customers would much rather see a 5 minute video of you talking passionately about your company and products vs. only seeing your company as yet another anonymous online entity. Show them that there is a real person behind your website and they will respond.
  5. Easy to Share – How many videos have friends and relatives sent you through email or on social networks? People love sharing videos. Funny videos, sad videos, viral videos, or informative videos, if we see value, we send that video along. Video links are easy to share, embed in blogs, send to friends, etc. Creating a great video that really explains something about your business or products in a compelling way, or even a humorous take on why your company is the best in your field, can turn into a great online marketing opportunity as people share your videos around the Internet.

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