Top 5 SEO Content Tips for 2010

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December 10, 2009 – It’s almost time for a new year, which means time to rethink our online marketing strategies and look ahead to an exciting new year filled with SEO opportunities. To make sure that you and your website, are ready for everything 2010 has to offer, read our Top 5 SEO Content Tips for 2010.

  1. Keyword Research – This is the time to look at the SEO efforts you’ve put forth over the last year. Are your keywords performing well? If not, are there better keywords for you to focus on, perhaps ones less competitive in your industry? Do your research and decide what keywords to go after in 2010, it will really help your web content development plans to have this part figured out in advance.
  2. Interactive Content –  If you think social media is big now, wait until 2010! The lines between social media, digital media, and interactive media are blurring into one big online marketing picture. This means your online customers will be looking for brands they can connect with online. This means making your SEO content accessible through external blogs, social media profiles and interaction, and an enhanced online experience that makes them less like an anonymous Internet searcher and more like a valued customer.
  3. Fresh Content – We’ve been telling you for a while now how much adding new content on your website helps your SEO efforts (and makes readers happy!), but with search engines adding Real Time search results, it’s changing from a bonus to a MUST-HAVE feature. Companies that only update their content once every few months just won’t show up where they need to in search engine results and completely miss the opportunity to show up in Real Time search results. That’s a lot of potential customers to miss out on.
  4. Online Brand Reputation – Everybody’s talking about brands. If they are talking about yours, you want to be they are saying good things, or that you can catch the bad stuff quickly and start a dialogue with those customers to quickly rectify the situation. If those negative comments are published they will show up in search engine results when people look up your company. Tracking what people are saying about you online and fixing small issues before they become major issues will help keep your brand reputation intact on the web.
  5. Tell a Story – The best way to connect your company to your potential customer to is have your brand tell a story. Do your customers know how you’ve given back to the community? Do they know who the main players are at your firm, their background, what they’ve brought to the table to increase your company’s value? How has your company changed lives for the better? If you are not telling your stories, no one will hear them. Or worse, they’ll start telling their own, which could have positive or negative consequences.

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