Top 5 SEO Content Tips

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September 16, 2009 – It’s been a back-to-basics kind of week, so I thought I’d break it down even further and discuss some of the most basic but important SEO tips that apply to the vast majority of business websites’ SEO content.

Top 5 SEO Content Tips

1. Relevant, Quality Content – We really can’t stress this enough. Websites that have 3 pages of content are not going to get found online, but posting lots of content on topics that have nothing to do with your business won’t really help either. The SEO content that appears on your website needs to be well written, relevant to your business/industry, written and edited for the web (versus print, yes there IS a BIG difference), and include the appropriate keywords to help your search traffic.

2. Anchor Text  – If you have any links on your website that are attached to phrases like “click here”, you are wasting your link. Every hyperlink on your website needs to be attached to anchor text that reflects relevant keywords. This is important for your website as well as the site you are linking to. Put that link in a phrase that counts! As a general rule, anchor should not exceed 3-5 words max.

3. Internal and External Links – Link building is wonderful. Links give your readers the opportunity to learn more about a subject without clogging a single page of content. They also help to increase your website’s page ranking and trust. It is important however, to keep your visitors on your website as long as possible, so link to internal pages more than external ones. If that content doesn’t exist on your website, write it! If you are linking to other websites, make sure that they have a decent page ranking or it could hurt your website in the process.

4. Page Titles – Page titles are the words that appear in the browser title window, and may or may not be the same as the article title on any particular web page. Page titles are incredible important for SEO purposes and should reflect your keywords (as a reflection of what info is listed on that page), and your company name. This is an area where your keywords can truly shine (and impact your SEO) so make the most of them and make sure you do NOT repeat the same page title on multiple pages.

5. Track Your Website – Anytime you create a website you need to be able to track everything you are doing to understand what is working and what isn’t. Whether you choose Google analytics or any other software, you need to be able to track who is visiting your website, how they are finding it, yourbounce rate, and other factors that can you shape and strengthen your website through trial and error.

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