Tracking Your Tweets

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July 21, 2009 – When it comes to tracking your tweets, it’s easier said than done. Recent reports have shown that websites may be generating up to 1500% more Twitter leads than are being reported.

A new article in Search Engine Land attempts to help business owners get a handle on their Tweet reporting by discussing a few of the most popular Twitter tracking programs, as well as short explanations on how they work and which URL shorteners they support.

When you are entering any form of online marketing, especially in the relatively new field of social media networking, it’s important for any company to try to the best of their efforts to track the progress (or lack thereof) they are encountering. This information can help you decide on your social media strategy, find areas you need to improve upon, and figure out what you are doing right.

Social media is a great boost for small and large companies, but just like any online marketing campaign, it’s a constantly ongoing process.

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