Tumblr – Simple Blogs Get Big

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August 5, 2009 – Tumblr may easily become my new favorite blogging site. The free blogging service has a ton of great features, can be updated from anywhere, and is apparently “taking over the world.”

An article published in Mashable states that Tumblr blogs received a very impressive 255 million pageviews in July alone, a number that is expected to grow to 330 million page impressions in August.

The numbers, provided by Quantcast, speak to Tumblr’s popularity, but the site’s ease of use, amplethemes to choose from, and overall versatility makes Tumblr pretty easy to fall in love with.

Here are few more giant Tumblr stats from the Quantcast study:

  • 650,000 posts per day
  • 5,000 new users daily
  • 1.5 reblogged posts per second
  • 50 million visitors over the last 30 days

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