Turning SEO into a Competitive Advantage

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August 4, 2010 – There’s good SEO and then there’s “competitive advantage” SEO. The difference? Good means you’re doing things right, boosting your Web traffic, and generating buzz around your website. Competitive advantage means not only are you doing all that, but you’re doing it better than your peers and your website is king of the hill in your market.

So how do you go from good to amazing? To start, let’s make sure you’ve got the “good” down pat. Good SEO:

Now take all that, and run with it. Push the envelope beyond good into the world of competitive advantage SEO. Here’s how you up the ante:

  • your content isn’t just relevant, it’s so great and specific to your clients’ needs making your site the “go to” website for that information.
  • your content isn’t just generated based on your practice areas, but also developed from keyword research.
  • your website is established as such a hub of information for your practice area that other sources jump at the chance to link to and be linked from your website.

In short, you want your SEO content to be so spectacular that it gives your website celebrity status among your peers. You want to be that top dog in the area, the Google of legal services. That doesn’t mean you have to be the one-stop legal resource – you should still be focusing on your own specific practice areas. Your goal however, is to become the king of the mountain for the niche market you focus on!

When your website has the competitive advantage over other similar law firms in your area, you can stop jockeying for top spot on the search engine rankings. With an advantage over the competition, you’ll be riding the search engine result waves way ahead of the others!


No steroids needed to give your website the competitive advantage in SEO!

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