Tweetfeel Combines Search and Sentiment

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July 13, 2009 – (via TechCrunch) Innovative new real-time search service, Tweetfeel attempts to take online marketing even further into behavioral studies by combining real-time search functionality with “sentiment detection algorithms.”

The idea behind the web service, created by research group Conversition Strategies, is to combine the powers of a real-time Twitter search with the added bonus of letting companies see what positive and negative feedback they are receiving based on their brands. Tweetfeel picks up on Tweets that contain a company’s name/brand/keyword that appear next to emotionally loaded words such as “good”, “hate”, “love” and so on, and even goes so far as to produce an overall percentage to help those submitting the query to see where audiences are leaning in their opinions.

Tweetfeel isn’t perfect yet and still seems to be having issues even with a few larger brands, i.e. they were unable to process Whole Foods, which has a really large Twitter presence, but this new technology will hopefully grow, improve, and become a great added boost for online marketers to see how their brand is doing on general basis.

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