Tweeting Your Original Content Grabs Google’s Attention

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April 19, 2011 – Yesterday we introduced you to the concept of article scraping and how painful it can be to your website’s search engine rankings. Today we’re going to share with you some insight from everyone’s favorite Google webspam and search quality guru, Matt Cutts.

A recent video on Google’s Webmaster Help Channel asks the question we echoed yesterday: what do you do when your original content is hijacked by an article scraper?

The first solution, and our personal favorite, is tweet about it! No, we’re not suggesting you call out the content swipers publically (even though we think that unethical practices deserve to be thwarted). What we’re suggesting is that you get your latest articles and blog posts put into circulation via social media as soon as possible.

This is a new concept that We Do Web Content is offering as part of our social media marketing servicesThe organic content we provide to your website and blogs is posted to your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter once they’re live to your site.

Because Google indexes social media posts from Facebook and Twitter, it’ll see that your own profiles are distributing your content and helps get it indexed more quickly. The faster Google indexes your articles on your own website the more integrity they have on that original URL. This means if another site hosts a scraped article of yours, Google will see where it originally popped up and hopefully make it easier to crack down on stolen and repurposed content.

The more people that link to, retweet, and share your content links on their blogs, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, the more integrity your original article will have when it comes to getting ranked on the search engines. So now it’s time to get some good original content up and start tweeting about it!


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