When Twitter Ad Campaigns Meet Celebrity Blogging

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June 22, 2009 – After raking in millions of unique visitors and pulling in mega bucks through online advertisers, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is about to take Twitter to new heights.

Famous for his unapologetic, celebrity-skewing rants and altered photos featuring his signature MS paint scrawl, Perez Hilton is putting his popularity towards expanding his online marketing income through new six-figure deals that will include writing sponsored Tweets for three unnamed advertisers on Twitter as well as launching a more advertising friendly (read: less offensive) website. Think Perez Hilton light.

In just a few short weeks Perez has gained over 1 million followers in Twitter, and something a simple as a link appearing on his Twitter feed or website (Perezhilton.com) is known to direct 10,000 – 20,000 new visitors to whatever website he mentions.

The new Twitter campaigns will also be linked to Perez’s main website, and depending on the success of these kinds of ventures, we may see more of an integrated social media advertising construct that includes celebrity’s (or those that make fun of them) social media accounts.

Read the entire article in Mediapost.

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