Twitter Begins Filtering Malicious Links

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August 3, 2009 – Ever since the media began discussing the merits of Twitter non-stop, businesses have been gravitating towards the social networking site to share their news, promotions, and links with fans and potential customers. As is always the case, not all of those businesses have people’s best interests at heart and spammers have been just as busy sending links to malware websites through tweets, sometimes even hacking into trusted users’ accounts.

To help keep Twitter running smoothly, the site has adopted a new filtering system that will attempt to catch malicious links by including the warning, “Your Tweet contained a URL to a known malware site!” when a user tries to post such a link into a tweet. Unfortunately, the great flaw of the project thus far is that the filter does not work with shortened URLs, which are immensely more common than full links due to the 140 character nature of Twitter posts.

Thankfully, Bit.Ly, Twitter’s URL shortener of choice, does some filtering of their own and reacts quickly to reports of shortened links to spam websites, but Twitter still has an uphill battle ahead if they want to stay on top of the spammers and keep Twitter users from becoming too frustrated with the service and abandoning their profiles.

For more information about the Twitter filtering project, check out the entire article in Mashable.

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