Twitter Evolves – Will Fans Pay for Tweets?

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Third-party developer, 83 Degrees, is launching a new application that will let Twitter users pay for and get paid for their content. It’s called Super Chirp.

While the creators of Super Chirp don’t think the average Twitter user will start charging their friends for content — celebrities, charities, and other businesses could very well profit from the service that charges users a monthly fee ranging from $1-$10 for a “premium stream” of content. The business setting up the Super Chirp account determines the monthly charge.

Companies who sign up for Super Chirp will retain an impressive 70% of the monthly fee, the rest goes to 83 Degrees and covers the Pay Pal fees used to purchase the tweet streams. Super Chirp also has the advantage of working through existing Twitter accounts since the premium content is sent to subscribers through direct messages.

Do you think your loyal customers would pay a $1 each month for exclusive tips and other must-have web content? If so, Super Chirp could be a great application to try out for your company.

Find out more by reading the entire story on Tech Crunch.

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