Twitter is Taking Retweeting to a Whole New Level

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August 14, 2009 – In an attempt to take some media attention away fromFacebook and Google (I kid!), Twitter has announced that they are officially overhauling the retweet into a more formalized process under the name “project retweet“.

The idea of retweeting has been around since Twitter started. The term technically refers to looking at a tweet someone else has written, thinking that tweet was pretty awesome, and then reposting that information through a tweet of your own while giving credit to the original poster by adding “RT” and then the person’s profile name (i.e. – @wedowebcontent).

Right now project retweet is still in phase 1, but this is how Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) described the new formal retweeting process on the Twitter blog:

We’re still working out the final details, but this sketch gives you the basic idea. Let’s say you follow @jessverr, @biz (that’s me), and @gregpass but you don’t follow @ev. However, I do follow @ev and the birth of his baby boy was so momentous that I retweeted it to all my followers.

retweet (1)

Note “retweeted by” attribution and “retweet” option.

Imagine that my simple sketch is your Twitter timeline. You’d see @ev’s tweet even though you don’t follow him because you follow me and I really wanted you to have the information that I have. (The star, reply, and retweet options only show up when you hover over a row on which is why you don’t see them all the time.) Also, if you find my retweets annoying, then you’ll be able to turn them off.

The new retweeting format will be added to Twitter sometime in the next few weeks.

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