Twitter Makes Smartphones Smarter and More Fun

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Most business oriented smartphone users love their handheld devices but let’s face facts — smartphones can be boring. Smartphones, like the Blackberry, contain all of the applications you would find on a well equipped desktop computer in an average business office. That’s great for productivity but all work and no play makes for a dull professional.

Twitter’s mobile application does the trick

Busy professionals do not have time for protracted text messaging conversations or chain emails that get forwarded by that friend with too much spare time. Twitter’s mobile application focuses on quickly sharing status updates (or tweets) from people in your network. Tweets are character limited announcements stating what friends are doing, thinking, or feeling and is a conversation without all of the conversation.

For professionals on the go, mobile apps are mandatory to stay on top of a busy work schedule. Smartphones are the perfect tool for keeping business moving forward whether in the office, the airport, the car, or a business meeting.

Twitter’s mobile application supports mobile professionals by providing a momentary distraction without causing the business of the day to grind to a halt. Mobility is all about staying connected on the go and Twitter’s mobile application helps busy professionals stay connected with colleagues and friends.

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