Twitter Reaches Search Agreements with Google and Bing

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October 22, 2009 – After a lengthy negotiation process, Twitter has finally reached search agreements with both Google and Bing, giving the search engines full access to public tweets.

The search deal is a big boost for Twitter, who may finally start seeing some major profits, as well as the search engines who are very excited about upping their real-time search updates with a steady stream of up-to-the-second public opinions and breaking news.

It will be interesting to see just how Google and Bing start ranking tweets in their search engine results, and just how many tweets will appear for any given query. If you consider the popularity of certain Twitter trending topics, a single search engine query could hypothetically result in more tweets than web pages. Of course, Google and Bing aren’t stupid, and that scenario seems unlikely at best, but it does bring up the issue of just what to do with these highly sought after tweets and how they will affect search results overall.

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